Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sugar Hill

Sugar Hill (1993; 20th Century Fox)

TIME: Approx. 123 Min.

Director: Leon Ichaso

Screenwriter: Barry Michael Cooper

Starring: Wesley Snipes, Michael Wright, Theresa Randle, Clarence Williams III

Back Cover:

This emotional and riveting drama about power, survival and love in Harlem’s Sugar Hill stars WESLEY SNIPES and MICHAEL WRIGHT as two brothers trapped in a high stakes game for control of the streets. When the younger brother (SNIPES) tries to break free from his world of crime and violence and start over with a new love (THERESA RANDLE), he is reluctantantly lured back to help his brother keep the mob from taking over their territory. CLARENCE WILLIAMS III, ERNIE HUDSON, and ABE VIGODA co-star.

Review and Questions: First off, the back cover is somewhat misleading. Secondly, this is not a love film. Lastly, it wasn’t riveting to me in the least. The synopsis makes it sound like an amazing film and makes their problems seem inescapable, when it’s really bad judgment and repeated error on the characters parts.

They say we are a product of our environment. No one said you have to be a victim of it. You would think that, if the lives of your loved ones were destroyed by bad choices and drugs; you’d try to avoid them. Raynathan and his younger brother, Roemello, chose not to. They may not use the drugs they sale, but they’re still playing a losing game. It’s a shame they profit off of others destruction, albeit, by their choice.

Was I hooked the first 15 minutes? Yes, I actually wanted to know what would happen to the two little boys, who later became grown drug dealers.

Did I enjoy the characters? Was the acting good? I liked most of the characters. Even though Roemello (SNIPES) was a drug dealer I really enjoyed him. The acting is occasionally horrid, but there are quite a few good performances.

How original is it? Compared to most films along the same lines it went well. Trying to make this into a romance; failed horribly. There wasn’t even a love scene, unless I fell asleep on that part. No true romance, like what you can feel in The Princess Bride. Intimacy without the sex; couldn’t get that from them.

Favorite Quotes/Scenes: In our day, we used to play RCK. Now, these days, everyone wants to be a f*ckin’ gangsta.

So what, are you having a bad day? Everybody has a bad day.

Recommend: Anyone who doesn’t mind profanity, distribution/use of narcotics, and some violence and torture.

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